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We are a Research & Development company specializing in material sciences applying the Caldera Lamination System process. The CLS is an advanced manufacturing process, a system of fabrication, manufacturing, and assembling components that use our Differential Pressure Assisted Resin Transfer or DPART fabrication process. We are creating a system and chemistry to create inflatable composite materials that can be hardened in real time to the strength properties of autoclaved carbon fiber components.

Founded by John Steven Calder, Instaclave Technologies is currently under intensive product and business development. The design and creation of the CLS derived from the desire to fabricate extremely large structures in space. The goal is to create structures so large and reliable they can contain atmospheres, provide centrifugal gravity via rotation of the structure and insulate human beings from the negative effects of extended living in space.

After reviewing material that would be compatible with such systems, it became clear that the only modern material capable of operating in the harsh environment of space is a carbon fiber class (or a variant).

However current applications of carbon fiber components require the part to be formed in a mold, under intense vacuum, to remove oxygen from the interior layers. The part must also be cooked in an autoclave oven for an extended period of time.

Since there is no access to molds or autoclave ovens in space, an alternative solution is required.

Solving these problems lies the seeds of the Caldera Lamination System!


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