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We are a Research & Development company specializing in material sciences applying the Caldera Lamination System process. The CLS is an advanced manufacturing process, a system of fabrication, manufacturing, and assembling components that use our Differential Pressure Assisted Resin Transfer or DPART fabrication process. We are creating a system and chemistry to create inflatable composite materials that can be hardened in real time to the strength properties of autoclaved carbon fiber components.

We are making the fabrication of composite materials a predictable and repeatable Science. Higher yields and lower cost. No need for molds, vacuums or autoclaving.

Instaclave Technologies is the primary licensing source for the "Caldera Lamination System & DPART" process in Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and Manufacturing sectors. Contact us for more details.

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Instaclave Aerospace

Opportunities in Aerospace are evolving using the "Caldera Lamination System & DPART" process. Fabrication of large to massive structures, compliant with NASA standards. Visualize Space Stations with gravity!


Instaclave Medical

Utilizing the the "Caldera Lamination System & DPART" process in the Micro scale, mechanical replacement parts are more sterile and easier to apply and much more cost effective.


Instaclave Automotive

The fabrication of production line components are much more cost effective using the "Caldera Lamination System & DPART" process. Think of car chassis in 90 seconds!


Instaclave Energy

Opportunities in Energy are vast using the "Caldera Lamination System & DPART" process. Fabrication of large scale drilling and routing systems are possible. Imagine drilling and placing piping simultaneously.


Instaclave Construction

Utilizing the the "Caldera Lamination System & DPART" process in the commercial construction scale. Self-Erection & On-Site fabrication. Think of prefab I-beams in a box!


Instaclave Engineering

Designing, fabricating and installing these systems in the field is a full time career in itself. These are high quality engineering and technician jobs. Check our Jobs Board page for more details.

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